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Skip's Next Meeting Will Be:
Monday 6:30 pm On 7.22.24 at
Rooted Ministries In The Uniontown Mall

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Skip's Bible Study

Skip Cecchini

Bob Duncan

Skip's Bible Study is about discipling MEN of god and to put the scriptural command of 2 Timothy 2:15 into practice with it's weekly Monday Night meetings now being held at Rooted Ministries located in the Uniontown Mall, Uniontown, PA

Formerly started @ Abundant Life Church as, a Men's Monday Night Bible Study it was then moved to the Hilton Garden Inn and then The Holiday Inn Express and most recently now being held weekly at: Rooted Ministries in the Uniontown Mall in Uniontown, Pa.
The weekly meetings offer a casual atmosphere for a growing group of men from all denominations and backgrounds as well as men whom are at different levels of Bible knowledge.
Hosted and directed by Dr. Aurelio "Skip" Cecchini and contributing Elder, Bob Duncan there is something to be learned and edified by everyone regardless of how new or accomplished you may currently be in your bible Knowledge.
The Meetings also invites an open floor for anyone to ask or comment on any part of the lessons at most any time.

So, come on out and join Skip and the brethren of men attending each week, whenever you can, to learn the Bible and gather in godly fellowship with follower's of Jesus, that we might all be discipled and gain enough scriptural knowledge to help grow the Body of Christ in these last days.

All are welcome
( regardless of age, denominational standing or church affiliation )

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  • 6.24.24 pt. 4
    Week 16 GENESIS series
    by: skip cecchini
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    Week 14 GENESIS series
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  • 6.03.24 pt. 1
    Week 13 GENESIS series
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  • 5.20.24
    Week 12 GENESIS series
    by: skip cecchini
  • 5.13.24 pt. 3
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